Why Do Cats Purr? 7 Surprising Ways that Cat Purrs Can Aid Healing


Why do cats purr - cats purr healing

Why do cats purr? When my cat snuggles up next to me, she purrs loudly and sounds like a chainsaw or an airplane about to take off! I had always heard that cats’ purr means that they are happy, but there is much more to why do cats purr. And you may be surprised to learn that cat purrs healing health of their owners may be a proven scientific truth!

Why do cats purr?

Our kitties purr when they are happy. They purr when you tickle them. Many cats purr to self-soothe after they’ve been injured. Mama kitties use it to sing to their kittens. And sometimes they purr for what appears to us to be no real reason at all!

How do cats purr?

Some think that the cat’s purr is the sound of blood flowing through a vein to the right side of the heart. Others believe that the noise is from the muscles contracting in the cat’s larynx and vibrating the glottis.

8 Ways Cat Purrs Can Improve Your Health

  1. Cat purrs are known to lower stress levels.
  2. Cat purring can help reduce the number of migraines.
  3. Cats purring can increase the chance of surviving heart attacks.
  4. They can decrease blood pressure
  5. Doctors share how they can heal broken bones and reduce risks associated with osteoporosis
  6. It’s believed that they can Improve joint health
  7. Purr vibrations help the healing of swelling and infection
  8. Purring cats can improve shortness of breath

“If you put a cat and a bunch of broken bones in the same room, the bones will heal.” – Old Veterinary Saying

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Cat Purring Loudly

Marjan Debevere is a famous cat photographer who has photographed more than 3,000 shelter cats, and she knows a thing or two about cat purrs. She shares that all cats are different, and while some purr loudly, others don’t purr at all. “I’ve witnessed a lot of cats purring when they’re dying, and when they’re being put to sleep. The vet will say something like, ‘They were purring right up until the end.’”

Different Cat Purrs

Veterinarian Gary Weitzman shares that purring can be a form of communication.”It’s been speculated for decades that purring was a form of communication. It’s likely that purring has communication, appeasement, and healing properties,” he shared.

Cat behavioral expert Celia Haddon explains that researchers recorded ‘ordinary’ purrs and purrs where the cat was requesting food. When these recordings were played back, even strangers who’d never owned cats could tell the difference between the two purrs!

Can cat purrs heal bones?

The idea of our kitties’ purrs healing bones isn’t as ‘out there’ as you may think! A cat purr is a vibration. Vibrations happen at different speeds which make them higher or lower pitched. Some of these vibrations have been used by doctors as part of physical therapy for years.

“Purrs at a frequency of 25-100Hz correspond with established healing frequencies in therapeutic medicine for humans. Bone responds to 25-50Hz and skin and soft tissues to around 100Hz according to researchers.” shared Dr. Weitzman.

Real-life Story About Woman Healed by Cat Visits

Susan Smith rescued a blind cat, Donny, that also suffers from a neurological condition known as cerebellar hyperplasia. This condition causes Donny to take a tumble or two when he tries to walk. But Donny is a real sweetheart, so Susan trained Donny to be a therapy cat!


Little did Susan know, that Donny wouldn’t just be bringing joy to the strangers he serves. He would also help heal Susan’s own mother from cancer!

Donny regularly visited Susan’s mother while she was in the hospital seeking treatment for lung cancer. Doctors had told Susan that her mother’s condition was very dire because she wasn’t strong enough to undergo surgery.

They recommended radiation if she could stay strong enough for the treatment. Thankfully, that was the case and she was able to leave the hospital cancer free!

Viewers who saw the viral post on social media are convinced that Donny played a huge role in her healing. It’s obvious the amount of joy that Susan’s mom gets from Donny’s presence!

So why do cats purr? We may not ever know all the reasons our kitties purr, but it seems to make both the kitten and their humans happy when they do! And research shows it may be making us healthier having our furry friends around us. So that’s a win-win in my book! Hug your feline friends today, you’ll feel better for it!

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h/t: The Epoch Times

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