Tasty Weight Loss Smoothie will Reduce your Weight in Months


Eating too much of fast food viz. pizzas, burgers, soft drinks, ice creams etc. lip smacking foodstuffs that you keep munching mindlessly leads to excessive gain of your body weight.  Keeping your body weight under control will keep you fit for doing your everyday chores and also free from various ailments. For that you should live on a healthy diet and regular work-out.

Why are smoothies good for health?


Smoothies are great health drinks that help you reduce weight for those who are busy in their professional lives and cannot afford to spend time to prepare dietary food or maintain a fitness regime. Preparing smoothies require the basic concept and a sense of timing as how much of time you should run the mixture in the blender. A nutritious smoothie should have a perfect proportion of the vegetable or fruit or both mixed out of which you are extracting the juice, taste and consistency. A healthy smoothie should not be very watery but should contain fibers of the vegetables and fruits.

Benefits of green apple spinach smoothie

  • Due to presence of substance like polyphenol, and fiber green apple works wonder for reducing weight.
  • Spinach leaves is a great source of anti-oxidants which keeps your system energized. Cucumbers have a time-honored character for being a great weight reducer.
  • Presence of flax seeds will add to the fiber content of the smoothie and it also contains omega 3 fatty acids which is very useful for patients with cardiac problems.
  • The smoothie is made in yoghurt base which enhances its taste and yoghurt is known to cut down your cholesterol level.
  • You can add parsley leaves shredded for adding taste and also it will help in lowering your weight.



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