School bullies leave teen with fractured skull and serious brain injury – help us pray for him


As per Fox13, Neo’s family is naturally devastated. They insist that a bully who has plagued their son for months was behind the attack.

The Elko School District, meanwhile, confirmed that there had been an incident at Elko High School, but have claimed it was a confrontation between two students involving only punches and a nasty fall.


Not adding up

His doctors, however, have countered that line of thought, reasoning that due to the extent of Neo’s serious injuries “He had to have been hit with something.”

They include a badly fractured skull and bleeding and bruising to Neo’s brain. His mother said: “You send them to school, and you shouldn’t have to worry about your kids going to school. Especially about something like this.”

GoFundMe / Neo Hobs

For now it remains a waiting game to see what Neo can recall if and when he regains full brain function. At the moment he is undergoing treatment at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, but he faces a long road to recovery.

Speaking on the build-up to the incident, his mother revealed that her son had often complained about the bullying he endured at school.

“This boy was saying stuff about him, and I told Neo, ‘Just ignore it.’ He says, ‘I am, mom. The best I can.’”


It will be several months before Neo’s family can take him home, with plenty of work to be done concerning his rehabilitation.

“He has to have a lot of physical therapy. He has to learn how to walk, talk, brush his teeth and feed himself. He has to learn all that over again,” his mother said.

The family have set up a GoFundMe page to assist with the medical bills. You can find it here.

Bullying has no place in this world, especially not to such an extent wherein people are left in hospital!

We wish Neo a speedy recovery, and pray that nothing like this ever happens again.

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