Spend 30 minutes everyday for yourself, lose weight in just 21 days


What is our immediate reaction when we are suggested of daily workout for burning some extra calories? Most of us raise our brows at the mere thought of dodging a few minutes from your routine which includes managing household, going out for buying grocery, pay the bills, take your kids to school if they have missed the school bus and so many more to add to the list.

You must be feeling why you need to have a proper work out plan when all you do throughout the day is run from one end of the house to the other? The answer is no matter how much you have to move yourself for doing household chores it does not involve all your body parts in a systematic way. As a result, fat is accumulated in those parts of your body (e.g. abdomen, thighs, hips) that do not receive sufficient and regular thrust. For this you need a regular work out that will involve all your body parts and burn calories from them.

Here is a complete set up of 5 fat burning work outs that you can complete in just 30 minutes and get wow results within 15 days:

1. Burpees- This is a cardio vascular exercise which tones all the muscles of your body. This is a rigorous exercise and if you do it just for 10 minutes, it will leave you sweating as a result of your calorie burn. Doing burpees for a week will give you visible results as all hard work has a good outcome!


2. Push Ups- It is one of the most conventional exercises that involves rigorous movements of all your body muscles. It is a preferred work out option for even the most ardent exerciser as it is very easy and you all you need is a mat on which you can do this exercise. Within a week you can see changes in your abdominal region. It makes your hand muscles very strong as you have to exert more pressure to them while pushing yourself up from the ground.

3. Lateral Jumps- We all know exercies are meant for burning our extra calories that cause obesity and many other ailments. But how about getting a shapely figure along with strong muscles?If you want to get both from a single workout,lateral jump should be your choice.A single Pilate’s move sheds a large count of calorie from your body and makes your hand and leg muscles strong.

4. Jumping Jacks– For quickening your heart rate, this is a great cardio work out which you can do as an aerobic step also. Jump to the beats of your favourite tune just for 15 minutes and when you finish, it is sweating all over. Jumping Jack is an excellent home cardio workout which gives enormous results within a very short time.


5. Jumping Squats– Doing this exercise for a minute or two will make you feel a difference in your flexibility. Squatting is a conventional way of working out and jumping squats is a slight modification of traditional squat for giving your muscles a little more thrust. It will make shed the extra calories from your thighs and hips and give a svelte contour to your mid- lower part within 15 days.

These are some of the easiest fat burn techniques that include multiple organs and large muscle groups.You can make some modifications to these basic workouts according to your choice and need.


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