How to increase motivation? – 8 Steps


8 steps to increase motivation

 There is a system of motivation that includes several practical steps that will help increase motivation and achieve any goal.

1. To close the way to retreat.

If the goal is really serious and important, it makes sense to burn bridges and cut off the path to retreat, leaving no choice but to go ahead. This may mean dismissal from unloved work, termination of unhappy relations, moving to a new place of residence or, for example, making a public statement, stopping a bad habit, for example, smoking.

This step means that the person has created conditions for himself that force him to change his way of life and move towards the goal. This is a conscious increase in motivation. While the bridges are not burned, the subconscious understands that a retreat is possible. And if things start to get complicated, as always happens with serious goals, then the person will step back. Therefore, to achieve success, it is important not even to leave yourself the opportunity to surrender.

2. Surround your space with motivational symbols.

This can be posters with motivating inscriptions, hung in prominent places, motivating screensaver on the computer, pictures with a cherished goal, which are also near the workplace or in their room. It can be a reminder on the phone, with an important message to yourself. The more often a person remembers the cherished goal and experiences inspiration about it, the closer the success.

3. Communicate with positive and optimistic people.

It is necessary to acquire acquaintances with positively-minded people and spend more time with them. If a person shares your goals and inspires them to achieve, then this is your man. In turn, it is worth limiting your communication with those who do not share your goals and treat them with obvious skepticism or indifference. 

It is useful to make acquaintances among those who have already achieved the goals to which you only aspire. They are able to charge with faith in success and convey their positive attitude. There is an assumption that you can see your future if you look at the people with whom you communicate most. If such a prospect does not look very tempting, it is worth changing the circle of communication, despite the fact that this may not be an easy task.

Vital views and thoughts are very contagious. Therefore, it makes sense to spend more time communicating with people whose worldview is worth it to adopt. 

4. Every day inspires yourself.

The easiest way to increase your motivation is to listen and read inspirational books daily. Whatever the goal, it is important to read the books of those who have already reached it. Even 15 minutes a day can give serious recharging for motivation and inspiration. Books written by highly motivated people are able to convey a positive attitude and increase motivation. 

5. Eliminate the sources of negativity and replace them with positive sources.


If a person experiences great difficulty in motivating himself, most likely, his life is filled with negative.

It is necessary to analyze all sources of information that affect the mood. It can be books, magazines, news, programs on TV. If an unattached apartment causes irritation or apathy, this is also worth paying attention to.

It is necessary to shorten the viewing of news, ideally in full, because in them you will never find positive information. When reading, it is also worth giving preference to inspirational books, rather than heavy ones. The same goes for movies – it’s better to avoid heavy and gloomy films, and watch light films, comedies, and pictures in which good conquers evil.

It is important to cultivate laughter, joy and positive, and try to exclude emotions such as fear, anxiety, and anxiety. 

6. It looks like it has already achieved success.

Each time, passing a mirror in a new image, a person receives a substantial dose of motivational reinforcement. It is necessary to imagine yourself in the image of yourself of the future, whatever you would like to be and carefully consider how this new “you” looks. What he wears clothes and hair, how he behaves, how he uses perfume. And without waiting for a cherished and distant day, to begin to look like this today. This action gives a powerful motivational effect. 

7. Visualize success.

Visualization is best done in a relaxed mood, with music that inspires and charges with positive energy. It is enough to give this lesson only 15-20 minutes a day. You need to imagine yourself, having achieved your goals and enlivening this image with vivid colors and a living embodiment. Imagine yourself, you need to see yourself as if from outside, not from your own body. This is important for the subconscious to define a goal, like the one that needs to be achieved, and not as already achieved.

This exercise is a great way to start a new day, it can be done without even getting out of bed, at the awakening stage. Music from time to time is worth changing so that the emotional response does not decrease with time, from listening to the same songs. 

8. Act boldly!


If the goals are defined and delivered, it is necessary to act immediately. Do not worry about detailed planning, otherwise, you can never leave the planning stage. As Napoleon said: ” The case is considered well thought out if it is thought out for a third .”

Details will be thought out later, and at the moment you need to start doing the first action that you can take now. Do not constantly weigh the pros and cons, you just need to start acting. All details will become clear later, during active actions, and much will be revealed directly in practice, something that could not be calculated at the planning stage.

It is important to remember – the energy of action nourishes motivation, while reflections and procrastination kill it. The more a person is motivated, the more he realizes that he will never back down.


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