‘Gentle and friendly’ dog put to sleep by authorities because of the way he looked – and it’s not OK


According to the Mirror, the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) put what happened to Bailey down to an “outdated and ineffective law”.

The organization’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Caroline Allen, described the dog as being extremely friendly and gentle, and yet he was ordered to be put to sleep because of the way he looks.

Heartbreakingly, it’s said he spent his final few hours on earth playing with the staff at the RSPCA.

“Bailey was a lovely, friendly, happy dog,” Carol said.

“He was gentle and kind, playful and fun-loving. In any other circumstances, we’d have helped him get better, sent him to one of our rehoming centers and found him a wonderful family to spend the rest of his life with. But Bailey’s life was tragically and unfairly cut short due to BSL.”



The BSL (Breed Specific Legislation), also known as the Dangerous Dogs Act, requires dogs deemed as being dangerous breeds in Britain to be put to sleep.

Dr. Sam Gaines, RSPCA dog welfare expert, said: “Bailey’s story is heartbreaking and, sadly, it’s one I hear all too often. These are dogs who have shown no signs of aggressive behavior and given no indications that they would be unsuitable for rehoming. They pose no risk to public safety but are labeled ‘dangerous’ simply because they look a certain way. They’ve scored a certain number of ticks on a checklist and that has sealed their fate.

“BSL is an outdated, ineffective and unjust piece of legislation that urgently needs replacing. We need to change this law not only to save the lives of thousands of more dogs like Bailey but also to better protect public safety.”

In 2017 alone, 81 dogs were put to sleep based upon appearance alone.


This is simply not right. In this day and age we should NOT be killing dogs based purely on their appearance.

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