Drink Lemon Water Every Day, But Do Not Make The Same Mistake As Millions


Lemon water contains almost every essential nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, potassium, magnesium and much more that you can’t even imagine. I assume that you already know about the benefits of lemon water because millions of people do know about this. So in this post, I am going to tell you 8 common mistakes you make while drinking your lemon water.


Mistake #1 – Are You Drinking Hot Boiling Lemon Water?

Hot lemon water can erode your tooth enamel. Yes, this is 100% true. You know why? Because lemons are actually highly acidic and when this acid touch your enamel, your enamel erodes over some time. Lemons are highly acidic in nature, and this acid can erode the protective enamel of your teeth, over time, this can cause your teeth to become hollow and yellow. A great doctor Sara Solomon who has established her own fitness empire told that how hot lemon water can be harmful to our tooth health. She said that the temperature of the water could make a lot of difference. The chemical reactions tend to increase with temperature. So the erosion can be more intense at a higher level of temperature. However, to get additional benefits of warm lemon water, she advised that slightly warm water is way better than the hot one.

Mistake #2 – Do You Drink First Or Brush First?

If you love to brush after drinking lemon water, then you have to stop it right now because if you brush your teeth just right after drinking lemon water, it makes the erosion severe. How? Well, the acid present in lemon water can soften your enamel, and when you brush your teeth, the erosion occurs rapidly. In addition to this, if you are using a hard-bristled brush, then you are compromising your teeth health too.


Mistake #3 – Do You Drink It For All Day Long?

As you know anything that goes beyond limit has some harmful effects. Well, this rule applies to the lemon water too. Don’t drink it for all day long because if you do so, there will be more chances of developed erosion of your enamel. Drink it only once in the morning. Otherwise, the acid present in lemon can attack your teeth at a faster rate.


Mistake #4 – Straw Or Without Straw?

To avoid the contact of citric acid to your teeth, it’s a great idea to drink lemon water with the help of a straw. When the teeth don’t get in contact with citric acid, the erosion of your enamel automatically decreases.


Mistake #5 – What About Lemon Peel?


A lot of people throw away the peel of their lemon while making their drink which is entirely wrong. A lemon peel has a lot of vitamin C in it. It also contains calcium that strengthens your bones. However, you can’t resist the fact that this peel can detox your body efficiently. So next time, don’t forget to make a zest out of the peel using a grate. When you get the zest, cut the lemon into round slices and add the zest and slices into the water to reap full benefits of lemon water.


Mistake #6 – Do You Like Sugary Stuff?

Well, who doesn’t like sweet things but if you are adding sugar to your lemon water, it can indirectly build up acids that can brutally attack your teeth enamel. So when you drink sugary lemon water every day, the plaque bacteria use the added sugar to produce acid which indirectly attacks your teeth.


Mistake #7 – Heartburn

When you drink too much lemon water, you may feel heartburn. An excellent NYC-based nutritionist Jackie Ballou said that the lemon is one of the most acidic fruits, so if you are that kind of person who is prone to heartburn, this can trigger massive amount of heartburn. So next time, keep in mind this before drinking lemon water.


Mistake #8 – Do You Know Which Lemons Are Best?

Many people visit the market, and they just buy lemon without analyzing. Always remember that organic lemons are much better than the other ones. Select those lemons which are big and has a pleasant fragrance. A thin lemon has more juice in it while a thicked has more zest. It has been said that the nutritious part of the lemon is peel. So, for this purpose, I recommend you to buy thicker lemons.


Please share this information with that person who is also trying lemon water due to its incredible benefits.

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