Amazing Ways To Treat Your Hair Loss Problems


What is the best way to prevent hair loss?

Hair Loss is one of the major problems faced by the majority of the people today. To find remedies to keep an eye on hair loss; first, let us have a look at what the hair loss concept means?

What is hair loss?

In a medical context, hair loss is defined as the process of alopecia and baldness. There are various bifurcations of the alopecia condition some of which are male-pattern, female-pattern, alopecia areata.

Now getting a necessary grip on the condition of hair loss and its types, let us march ahead towards its preventive or curative measures:


Allopathic Approach to Hair Loss:

Today, the market is flooded with tones and tones of brands competing with each other to treat the hair loss problems. Before prescribing you with a medical regime, the doctor asks you to go for a medical test to know the root of the cause of alopecia. This includes your hair and scalp analysis. The result o this analysis is then succeeded by the proper treatment of the alopecia condition. The procedure may consist of surgical or laser therapy to combat the hair loss problems if your hair loss is too worse to be addressed through medication.

Medications used for the treatment include:

  1. Minoxidil (Rogaine): This is one of the OTC’s which can be brought by you even without the prescription of the registered trichologist. It is compatible with application in both the genders.
  2. Finasteride (Propecia): It is available only for men in the form of a pill to be taken

Ayurvedic Approach to Hair Loss:


Ayurveda employs a bundle of treatment combo packs accompanying ayurvedic medications. This includes a proper diet regime, aromatherapy, yoga.

Now when you opt for the best way to treat your hair loss, first go ahead with a scalp and hair analysis. Then once your medical condition for hair loss is diagnosed, opt a method which is suitable for you. Always start with the home remedy by including the Vitamin B sources in your regular diet. Next time when you apply your cosmetic hair oil replace it with a pure coconut hair oil and olive oil mixture in the ratio of 1:1 and warm it a bit. After this add a pill of Vitamin E to the mix and apply this warm mixture to your scalp. If these two remedies do not work out to your expected results, then proceed ahead with the ayurvedic approach to treat hair loss problems. Taking the assistance of allopathic treatment should be your last option as consuming heavy medication may affect your liver and kidney function which may again give rise to a secondary health condition. Try to combat your problem first with the best home remedies than move ahead for medical consultation.


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