All The Solutions Of Your Back Pain Problems Are Here


Low back pain is a very common problem among aged people. Particularly those who are office goers have a common problem of low back pain which occurs due to sitting for long hours. With age your muscles and bones start loosening and they become fragile. As such there are no medicines to cure this problem except regular exercise which keeps your muscles and joints flexible and reduces such pain. If you maintain a routine work out a lot of such health problems can be avoided. Pain killers and other anti inflammatory drugs are recommended by doctors to patients who suffer from pain in joints and muscles. Due to intake of such medicines for a prolonged period of time often serious side effects turn up. Besides allopathic treatment a number of alternate therapies are now practiced successfully by the patients.

Exercises for low back

There are many kinds of exercises for reducing low back pain. Even those who do not have such problem should devote some time from their day to day routine to get a sturdy and bendable stature. If the lower region of your back is strong and flexible, your spine is also protected from injury and gives you a good posture. Many health centers and aerobic centers have been set up where you can work out under the supervision of a professional trainer. There are specific exercises for specific problems. Exercises may also vary depending on the part of your body you want to work on. An expert health trainer can guide you through all these factors. A few examples of low back exercises are given below:



2. PELVIC LIFT- Lie down on a flat surface keeping your feet placed on the surface firmly and your knees bent. Bring your legs close and keep your arms crossed over your chest. Pull up your pelvis and your low back as much as possible without giving much stress and hold on to this position for few seconds. Gradually return to your original position.


3.PELVIC ROTATION- Lie down with your arms spread on both sides wide apart. Lift one of your legs straight up. Start swinging your leg like an arc from one side to the other particularly on your back region till you feel pain. Stay in this position for about 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise 5 times.


4. SWIMMING AND WALKING– These two are most probably the easiest and the best exercise for low back pain. Water aerobics gives good support and resistance in reducing low back pain. Also walking a considerable distance at a regulated speed everyday gives you a strong low back posture.

5.CHILD’S POSE- Kneel down or sit on your heels on a mat. Stretch your arms to the utmost of your limit and gently bend down and touch the floor with your forehead. Hold the position for 30 seconds before you come to rest.


If you spend about half an hour off your busy work schedule to take care of your bones and muscles, your body will become more flexible and sturdy.




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