8 Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation that you Never Knew


Women across the world suffer from a concern of stretching of their vaginas that, at times, ruin their conjugal happiness. To address this problem, women are consulting cosmetic surgeons for reconstructing the vaginal tissues and bringing it to the former, closer state.  The reconstruction of vagina (including vaginoplasty and labioplasty) is one of most trusted reconstructive treatments with multiple benefits:


  1. Check on urinary problems– There are many patients who suffer from a problem of urinary inconsistency in which urine leaks our involuntarily. To treat this problem often urologists recommend the patient for a vaginal reconstruction which takes about an hour or two and the patient recovers at a minimum period after surgery. After surgery the tighter muscles of the vagina prevents in leaking out of urine in older women.
  2. Gives comfort to your movement– A reconstructed vagina gives you a feeling of comfort which is usually lost when your vagina becomes slack and a lot of friction is caused during movement. It is a mixed feeling of frustration and discomfort to any woman. A simple Labioplasty can get you back the comfort of free movement.
  3. Prevents the signs of aging– A vaginal rejuvenation surgery is an advancement in cosmetic surgery which prevents the natural aging of your vagina. It looks younger like your pre-delivery days. After the surgery the inner walls of your vagina becomes tightened and therefore the effects of surgery are permanent.
  4. Bring symmetry between the Labia Minora– Some women may have an increased labia minora which they are born with while some develop this after their childbirth. In both cases, a vaginal rejuvenation surgery (labioplasty) is the only way to correct the asymmetry between the labia minora.
  5. A boost in your intimate part– A vaginal rejuvenation surgery gives you a feeling of being a virgin like the days of youth. You will have a better lubrication and a tighter feeling in your reconstructed vagina. Both Vaginoplasty and Labiopolasty are needed for inward and outward beautification of the most intimate part of your body.



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